Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a collective term for all documents about technical processes and about the development, production, usage, maintenance and waste disposal of technical products. It contains all necessary pieces of technical information which are constructed by a manufacturer collateral to the product life cycle. This information on the one hand is evidence for the performance of duty of care in a dispute and on the other hand it is committed to the operator of a manufacturing plant for the secure and economic dealing with it.

Every manufacturing plant or machine passes through a product life cycle in  prescribed steps, where at different times and actions ongoing new pieces of information arise. These pieces of information and their documents are of utmost importance to the internal and external technical documentation. When composing, assigning or spreading user information legal requirements must be known and carefully regarded at work. Typical components of a technical documentation are a functional specification document, calculation basis, test reports, risk assessment, design and production documentation, evidence about measures of quality management, directions, installation manual, installation instructions, log book, service instruction, job instruction, brief instruction, electric-, pneumatic-, and hydraulic circuit diagrams, test protocols etc.

Every operator of a manufacturing plant is obligated to keep the technical documentation completely and up-to-date at an accessible place near the documented plant.

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