Visualization in the automation technology generally is the displaying of collected measurement data, coherences of process operations, working condition, notifications and error messages in graphic pictures or texts.

Similarly as with programming, the automation technician has to interconnect the requirements listed in the functional specification document by the help of manufacturer dependent software tools in a way that allows for a simple and consistent handling of the manufacturing plant.

An ideal diagrammatic representation of the collected measurement data, working conditions, notifications and error messages etc. implies the following advantages for the operator of a manufacturing plant:

  • measurement data can be compared concerning the actual and the desired value over the length of the entire production sequence
  • measurement date can be archived over the entire production sequence
  • notifications give the user information about possibly required interventions
  • error messages give the user and above all the automation technician information about the reason of errors and the stagnation of the manufacturing plant. Consequently they abbreviate the times of stagnation significantly.

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