Automation technology

The most important step into a successful future

Automation technology has become an indispensable in various production facilities. Though the term “automation” may have a negative connotation in some way its massive advantages will become clear to those dwelling upon this subject. The automation of systems does not imply a loss of workstations but it creates new ones. These are significantly less dangerous and guarantee that employees may be deployed at length. But what do you understand by the term automation technology?

The model of automation technology

As already indicated by the term, this technical delicateness deals with the automatic control of complex systems. The automation of systems is of highest importance, especially in those fields where absolute precision is necessary and also in test stations. A well-known example are the computer-controlled CNC-milling which construct precise shapes. The automation technology is strongly associated with engineering. It is a construct from system manufacturing, IT-ingenuity and human monitoring. An Automation, which is well-adapted to the company, increases the production speed and minimizes the injury risk of its employees. Usually the systems are checked by humans. The pre-machining and the post-processing of the assignments are undertaken by humans as well.

The automation technology of A&B Elektrotechnik

The services offered by A&B Elektrotechnik concerning automation technology imply several sections, which are introduced in the open business after arrangement with the client. Many single sections build upon one other and enable a better and faster processing of orders by compiling a proficient analysis and a specific automation. In most cases the automation starts on an exploratory basis. The analysis of the single process cycles and of the coherence of functions in the particular company builds the basis for the development of the automation. In the course of this the most production areas are outstanding for the automation technology. Thus the production of car parts can be automated in the same way as the technical inspection of already existing products.

Only after a successful analysis and numerous tests the required facilities are installed and brought into service. As a matter of course the professionals of A&B Elektrotechnik accompany the startup operations and parameterize the installed drive systems and facilities. Since the actual automation is based on the particular PLC (programmable logic control), these systems are updated and broadened with components until the final product is completed.

Additionally A&B Elektrotechnik offers the monitoring and technical service of the installed automation establishments. By regular inspections systematic errors are blighted and the accuracy of the automatically controlled systems is guaranteed. The inserted PLC-programmes possess measuring device. Based on their data a precise diagnosis of the automation establishments can take place. Of course A&B Elektrotechnik inducts their employees into the handling and monitoring of the automation as to ensure the handling optimally.

Die Einsatzgebiete der Automatisierungstechnik

Die Automatisierungstechnik kann in jedem Bereich der Produktion zum Tragen kommen. Sinnvoll ist die Einfügung automatisierter Anlagen in Gefahrenbereichen, in denen der Schutz der Mitarbeiter an oberster Stelle steht. Bei komplexen Fertigungsabschnitten, bei denen die Passgenauigkeit einzelner Produktteile nur schwer durch menschliche Hände sichergestellt werden kann, sollte ebenfalls ein automatisierter Prozess eingefügt werden. So steuert die Automatisierungstechnik mitunter CNC-Fräsen oder Schneidbrenner mit absoluter Präzision. Ebenfalls können Prüfungen und Reinigungen komplexer Produkte automatisiert erfolgen. Einmal auf die genaue Arbeit programmiert, müssen Angestellte nur noch die Einzelteile in die Maschine einlegen und der Arbeitsprozess startet vollkommen automatisch. Prüfstände, die die Leitfähigkeit oder die Funktionstüchtigkeit von Geräteteilen messen, arbeiten in der Regel immer auf automatisierter Basis.

Fields of application of automation technology

Automation technology can come into effect in every section of production. It is reasonable to insert automated systems in areas of risk where the protection of employees is of highest importance. In sophisticated phases of production where the passing accuracy of particular product particles can hardly be ensured by manpower an automated process should be inserted as well. Thus automation technology regulates CNC milling or cutting torch with absolute precision. Checks and cleanings of complex products can also be done by automation. If the engine is once programmed on its precise work employees only need to insert components into it and the operating procedure starts entirely automatically. Testing stands measuring the conductivity and functional capability of components usually always work on an automated basis.

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