Explosion Protection

Explosion protection is a branch of automation technology. Above all it serves as to prevent the development of explosive atmosphere or to implement the needed automation in an explosive atmosphere with the help of appropriate and approved working fund.

Explosion protection is a part of safety engineering and primarily functions as to prevent personal, environmental or material damage.
The definition of explosion protection is depicted through technical solutions as ignition protection types, zone classification and norms.

To avoid an explosion the three components flammable material thinly dispersed, oxygen and an ignition source have to convene in a sufficient mixture. These three components can be expressed in an “explosion triangle”:

To guarantee the prohibition of an explosion at least one of these three components must be absent.

Therefore there are basically three stages to avoid an explosion:

  • Avoidance or inclusion of the ignition source
  • Avoidance of flammable material thinly dispersed
  • Inertization (displacement of oxygen)

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